Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Summer I Watched the World Come to An End on TV

It started with Walking Dead and continues through The Last Ship, and soon I'll be watching the Strain and Under the Dome and Extant and Falling Skies.

I'll see the world brought to an end by zombies, vampires, diseases, and alien invasions.

And God maybe.

I just started watching Leftovers--the HBO series about what the world is like after what appears to be the Rapture happens.

It's not pretty.  God doesn't take prisoners.

Of course, it gets me wondering why this fascination with the end of things?

Is it because the world suddenly feels really old, and when you get to feel really old you start thinking about how things will end?

Or maybe it's because the world has ended--virtually.  We spend so much time inside our homes watching the World Come to An End on TV that we don't realize that there's a real world still out there, the one outside my window, a world free of zombies and dogs and cars -- and people.


Where is everybody?  Nobody has passed the house in about 30 minutes.  No walkers or runners.  Nobody.

Has the world ended while I was typing this?

I better turn on the TV and see if there's anything left.

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