Sunday, November 29, 2015

Me and God

Me and God
I tend not to see him as a person like you or me.  In fact, I tend to think of god more as the universe. 
For me the problem of too many religions is that they try to "belittle" god by making him our size. You know what I mean. The dude's the be all and end all of everything under, over and in the sun, and too many of us want to see him as the buddy we never had or the man and dad we never failed.
That's not the god that makes sense to me. That buddy/mom/dad sense of god that religions try to foist off on us.
All that religion stuff -- to my way of thinking -- is mumbo jumbo, whistling in the dark.
The bible? Folk stories, myths.
Can you have a personal relation with god? Sure, stand outside in the snow and watch it fall.