Tuesday, June 17, 2014


It’s simple:

The dinosaurs. 

I mean, why create them?

They’re weird by any stretch of the imagination.  

So weird that (if evolution is to be believed) they evolved or didn’t evolve their asses right out of here.  And if you want to discount evolution as some religious people do, there’s the simple fact that the things aren’t around here anymore. What's with that?

Why go through all the trouble of designing so many wildly improbable creatures (kids love them—their long necks, weird color schemes, brilliant asymmetry) and then getting rid of them?

What’s that all about? 

Really, I don’t get it.


magdalena said...

you only think elephants and whales, and birds, and rhinoceros are less "weird" than dinosaurs because you are used to them. try looking at them with unaccustomed eyes ;-)

John Guzlowski said...

And probably the weirdest critters are humans.

And not necessarily in the way they look, but in the way they think.

I've heard dinosaurs explained as the work of the devil meant to get us believing in evolution, the spawn of the devil!

Grace Kirk said...

Well John, I think God probably tried his hand at creating lots of things over time, and I think God designed everything to work in harmony. Some animals had long necks to reach the tops of trees so that others could live off what was on the lower branches. Creation is quite a Master Plan when you think about it, every little thing has a purpose and a job to do, if only we humans would leave well alone. :-)

John Guzlowski said...

Grace, yes, the universe makes sense in ways that the way we try to explain it doesn't.

Ron Lybarger said...

I once asked a similar question to many religious folks...a blend of answers ensued...the most interesting responses were: God put them here to fertilize the soil, humans and dinosaurs lived together and they were not as big as science wants us to believe, (i.e.. paleontologist piece together old bones of any animal to make it look bigger) and, they were here before the garden of eden, and god wiped them out to make way for his creations.

I left scratching my head at the absurdity of all claims, and continued to edge closer and closer to a Universalist/Transcendentalist/Diest approach to why we are here, and dinosaurs are gone.

Carol Moessinger said...

Maybe God put them here to fascinate children. And to give adults something to ponder. She probably laughs that some of us see evil in something that has been gone for millions of years.