Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Story about Mowing

I was mowing the grass and a neighbor came up to me with his dog. We've met once before. He gave me a tip about the mulch I was putting down. 

This time he asked how I was doing, and I said okay. 

He mentioned Roanoke and started telling me about how it was when he lived there, his ex-wife, the 5 cats he had in the house, what their names were, how he got divorced and moved to Danville, lived single for years and then remarried, liked Roanoke but didn't much care for Danville. I listened and nodded. He didn't seem to want a lot of feedback, so I just listened. Nice guy, a polite dog. 

But the dog finally started leaning on his leash, and the fellow and the dog moved on. We never exchanged names, maybe next time.

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