Saturday, November 01, 2008

Joe Biden Rally

I haven't been as active this election year as in the past. Probably it's because of the remodeling we've been doing and the fact that Linda recently retired and we've been travelling a lot. It's been hard to find time to canvas and answer phones and walk around trying to get the vote out.

But I did do one significant thing this time around that may -- in fact -- guarantee the election of Barack Obama.

I went to a political rally at the community market in Danville, Virginia.

Here's a picture a police officer at the rally took for my neighbor Kelly Brande:

Now, I got to explain what I meant when I said that my being at this rally may guarantee the election for my fellow Chicagoan, Barack Obama.

In my life I have seen three Democratic politicians who were running for president. I attended rallies for John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Bill Clinton. Each one of them became president. I never saw Mondale or Dukakis or Kerry, and -- not surprisingly -- none of those fellows became president.

How can I explain this? Well, really I can't -- it's like so many of the great truths, a mystery from top to bottom, port to starboard.

Truth be told, I did see one Democrat who didn't become president. That was Al Gore, but his not getting to be president doesn't really deny the power of my gift. He did win the election but was robbed.

I hope that doesn't happen again


Urkat said...

According to your logic, Biden should be elected president;)

John Guzlowski said...

I didn't want to go down that dark street.

When I saw Johnson, he was running for vice-president.

Oma J said...

I too have the gift, only on the OTHER side! So, given the number of times I've been in the company of McCain, we may have a tie. You're a dear friend, Dr. G., and I can't think of anyone whose vote I would rather cancel. :-)

Anonymous said...

If you have not seen the documentary "Uncounted" on HBO or Starz this month, take a look. It is frightening how much influence Republicans and what lengths that side of the aisle will go to to get elected. It mostly focuses on the total unreliability and insecurity of the electornic voting systems used by Diebold and others. I only make the above statement regarding the general Republican politician makeup, because the documentary reveals unbelievable accounts and they all are to sway the Republican votes to their favor.
Until there is a voting system that provides an electronic vote and prints out a paper receipt(that can be placed in a ballot box) that can be audited, we will never know if our vote counted or not.
There is a company that has reopened it's doors as of last year called TruVote, that provides this type of voting solution. I only hope it gets traction as it should.

Christina said...

I've never felt such excitement in our country- a feeling that we've shaken off the apathy of the last decade. I can feel the hope in the electricity in the air.
If you haven't already watched these,check them out (must watch first one for point of reference).

Don't forget to vote!