Friday, May 14, 2010

I made it

Dear Friends,I made it through the open heart surgery. I'm weak and foggy but okay.


Danusha Goska said...


sonia said...


Danusha Goska said...

Looking forward to the next update.

Still find it hard to believe you had this problem. You don't seem like the type! Thirty years a vegetarian ... yoga ... ???

Makes me think of my Uncle Jan Cerno, who, while interrupted in his lunch of smoked pig fat and raw hot peppers, said, "Your great grandfather ate this for lunch everyday, and lived to be 92 years old!"

I think it was the slivovice.

John Guzlowski said...

Hi, Danusha, thanks for the note.

The process of coming back from open heart surgery is pretty much a roller coaster.

I was great yesterday--walked around the house 3 times for about 6 minutes each time, but then the night was terrible. Couldn't sleep, couldn't lie on my back, lots of pain. I ended up giving up around 3 am and going to my study to read Paul Theroux's Iron Rooster book, travels in China. I drank tea and read till about 7 when it was time for 10 pills. The pills almost knocked me out. I started sweating and couldn't stop it. Linda helped me to an easy chair and I lay there for an hour till I stopped sweating.

Danusha Goska said...

Yikes. About this recovery business.

Amazing how many ways the human body can malfunction and experience pain.