Monday, June 22, 2009

61st Birthday Post: Grandbaby Luciana

Dear family and dear friends,

Usually what I do here for my birthday is post a recent photo (that shows you I haven't changed a lick in 30 years) and tell a little about what I've been doing.

Well, the biggest news is that Linda and I are now grandparents, and we're happily spending a lot of time with our daughter Lillian and our granddaughter Luciana.

Here's a photo of Lulu and me:

Here's a photo of me and Lillian that Linda took in 1979:

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And here's a letter that Lillian sent out about where you can see some more photos of Luciana, Lillian, Linda, and Me.

Subject: one month old!

Luciana is one month old today, and I thought I would finally send out the updated website with tons of pictures. I have been putting it together in the evening after she goes to sleep and before I finally collapse into bed.

She seems to be getting bigger and changing everyday and it is hard to believe that she is already a month old. Although, at the same time, I can't remember what life was like before she got here. I seem to remember more sleep, but I don't remember being this happy.

I hope everyone is doing well.



Daiva Markelis said...

Adorable. What more can one say?

Beth Kalikoff said...

A lot more! Mostly repetition and effusion. Adorable, yes! And delightful, a sweet pea, beyond everything.

You and Linda are the best grandparents. And Lillian so deserves all her happiness. It's great accessing the Lulu/Lillian blog from yours.


Tim said...

Happy birthday John! Great to see yourself and the grandkid both doing well. The family resemblance is striking, by the way.

Urkat said...

Happy Birthday! Just when you think life is going to settle down, life sends this wonderful diversion into your life. Like someone once said, in order for sleep and health and wealth to be enjoyed, they must be interrupted.

John Guzlowski said...

Hey, Daiva, Beth, Tim, and Urkat,

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

And take another look at Lillian's Lulu blog. She's always adding pictures of Lulu.

Jim said...

Happy Birthday! Sweet pics of you and the new granddaughter, and dat strappin young guy and your daughter in '79.

Sto Lat!

Catherine said...

Happy birthday, grandfather John. I remember what a wonderful father you were with Lillian and am sure you are now a super grandfather! You look very happy dandling a baby.

swiss said...

hi john, thanks for dropping by. what a fascinating collection of blogs! but it's this post that caught me, probably because i've got pictures of my daughter just like yours and your pic with your grand-daughter may well be what's coming to me!

congrats. all the best.

Urkat said...

Babies bring so much joy into the world, mostly by taking our focus off ourselves. When you hold one, you realize what's most important.