Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still Waiting

Our daughter Lillian is "9 months plus" pregnant and is really looking forward to not having to wait any longer for the baby to be born. Here's an email she sent out to some of her family and friends about the waiting.

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I thought I should update everyone as my due date has come and gone (it was, of course, Mother's Day).

I saw the doctor this afternoon. She said that I look good and the
baby looks good, but she didn't seem particularly optimistic that the
baby was going to come anytime soon. If she doesn't decide to arrive
in the next few days, I go back to the doctor Monday and then I'll
likely be induced on Tuesday.

I am hoping that she will surprise everyone and show up sooner, but I
kind of doubt it. She seems very comfortable and is still extremely

I thought, while we're waiting, that I would send everyone a picture
of me in the nursery. Soon, hopefully very soon, there will be
pictures of the baby in the nursery!

Love, Lillian

ps. and no, she still doesn't have a name!

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Fern said...

Lillian looks so beautiful and happy! Thanks for the up-date. I've been wondering.