Sunday, July 01, 2007


I started this blog with a post about the swamps burning east of Valdosta and sent a note about the blog and the post to friends. Charles Fishman, the poetry editor of New Works Review, saw the post, thought it was neat, and asked if he could publish it at his online journal.

I said sure and kept writing about the swamp and the smoking and sending the posts to Charles Fishman.

That led to his asking me to write an article about how I got started blogging and what the point of it was and what writing a blog was like. I wrote the piece.

The piece appears at New Works Review, along with the entire epic of the Smoking Swamps that smogged up Valdosta, Georgia, for more than a month.

Here are the links:

Smoking Swamps--

Blogging essay--


myshkin2 said...

This is great--and I think it shows the best of blogging and where it can take us--journalism/memoir/poetry. Thanks also for the mention in your article.

Marty said...

I'm commenting here because John's fine work needs more comments. It's a good piece because it shows how blogs often begin organically.

Geo-B said...

So, some day I'm going to be driving in Valdosta GA, and somebody's going to say, what's with this place, and I'll say, oh they got famous bloggers. And a tall guy carrying groceries will cross the street, and I'll almost run into him, and I'll say, Do you know who THAT is?

John Guzlowski said...

Hey, Geo-B, thanks for the comment. If you're passing through Valdosta and you see a tall guy carrying groceries, be sure to stop and say, "Hey," and come over for coffee or a glass of wine.

Jason Dockter said...

I really liked the piece on blogging -- so much so, that I began my own blog. I, too, have really enjoyed reading blogs lately and the ability that they create to allow people to stay in touch.

I enjoy reading about the happenings in Valdosta, Dr. Guzlowski!